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Blocks spam traffic even before it reaches your website!

WordPress SpamFireWall

What is SpamFireWall

SpamFireWall is an optional feature of the CleanTalk Anti-Spam Plugin that denies access to the website for all spam active IP addresses (i.e. blocks GET requests). Spambots are being blocked by SpamFireWall before they can access the website, the feature prevents loading of website pages for spam bots, that means your web server doesn't need to run all the scripts on these pages. Therefore, the load on the database and web server is reduced.

How Does It Work

  1. A user visits the website.
  2. Data of the HTTP request of the visitor is checked with the CleanTalk database of more than 5,9 million IPs of spambots.
  3. If the IP is in the database and has a high spam score then the Anti-Spam Plugin shows a special page. From the point of view of legitimate users who use clean IPs — nothing happens, protection works invisibly. If the HTTP request happened from a normal visitor but was blocked, then 3 seconds later the visitor will be redirected to the website.
  4. All information about the process is stored in the database and available in your CleanTalk Control Panel.
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Why Does Your Site Need Protection Like Anti-Spam FireWall

Your website may seem to be not very vulnerable but there is a lot of dangers like bad crawlers and flood bots and many others. And that’s why your website needs a good firewall protection. Anti-Spam FireWall allows you to stop bad bots even before they can reach your site. Thus, these bots can not do any harm to your site like sending spam emails or even attempting to hack the website.

Why is CleanTalk the Best FireWall for a WordPress Website

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