Anti-Spam Pricing for Hosting

Anti-Spam Pricing for Hosting

Hosting Anti-Spam

Unlimited websites $25.00/month

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CleanTalk provides hosting companies with a simple and effective method of protecting websites of their clients from spam and spambots. For hosting on WordPress WPMS you can activate the White Label Mode and give anti-spam service under your own brand.

How to Add Websites to Your CleanTalk Account

Register to the service. Go to your CleanTalk Dashboard and add all websites. Each website will have a personal Access key. Then you have to put each Access key in each installed plugin for every website or give them to the webmasters and they will put the keys themselves.

You can grant access to the added websites’ settings for your users in your CleanTalk profile using the feature “Delegation”. Please, use our guide Website Delegation to Other Users.

If you have WordPress Multisite you can use White Label Option. It allows you to add all websites to CleanTalk Dashboard automatically and all websites will have a personal Access key. Please, use our guide White Label Option in the CleanTalk Plugin.