How to Restore Access to My Dashboard?


If you forgot or lost your password or e-mail to your CleanTalk Dashboard, you can restore your credentials in 3 ways:


 1. Go to the CleanTalk Anti-Spam Module's settings page and copy your Access key.


For the CleanTalk Anti-Spam Plugin for WordPress the path is:

WordPress Admin Page —> Settings —> Anti-Spam by CleanTalk —> Click the "Show the access key" line

WordPress anti-spam plugin options


Paths to the settings page for all available CleanTalk modules could be found here in the installation instructions:


Then go to this page to restore your email and to reset your password:

Restore CleanTalk password



 2. Go to this page:

Then use the links "Forgot password?" or "Forgot email?" to restore your password or e-mail:

CleanTalk Dashboard login options


 3. Log in to your website backend, go to the CleanTalk Anti-Spam Module's settings page as instructed in item 1 of this guide and click the button "Anti-Spam Statistics". If there is no such button then ignore this item.


After clicking the button you will be redirected to your Dashboard in Read-Only mode and you will be able to see your email address in the upper right corner:

CleanTalk Dashboard login


Then search for the letter "CleanTalk Access key" in your inbox. The letter contains your profile credentials.



If you haven't found the answer to your question, please, contact our support team:



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