How to use the Anti-Spam White Label Option for WordPress Multisite

Attention! The following instruction is only relevant for the Multisite/WPMS version of WordPress. In case you are using the regular version of the WordPress installation, use these instructions.


The CleanTalk Anti-Spam Plugin has the option to remove any mentions of CleanTalk in the backend and frontend of your website by using the "White Label" option.


To enable this option, please, do the following:

1. Enter the plugin settings via your main WPMS site -  Admin Dashboard -> Plugins -> Anti-Spam by CleanTalk -> Settings;

2. Choose mode "Mutual Account, Individual Access Keys"


Mutual Account, Individual Access Keys


3. To activate the "Mutual Account, Individual Access Keys" mode, copy the Hoster API Key from your CleanTalk Dashboard and save it in the Anti-Spam plugin settings. 


Hoster API Key

Saving Hoster API Key


4. Enable the "White Label" mode and enter your own plugin name 


White Lable Option


5. Log in to your website backend or refresh the page if you are already logged in.

You will see that menus "Plugins" and "Settings" now have the plugin name you entered in the special field instead of Anti-Spam by CleanTalk.


New Plugin Name



Congratulations! Now you activated the White Label Option in the CleanTalk Plugin.



Note: If you have enabled the White Label option from your profile, then the plugin will use the settings from your profile.

You can use the advanced features of the White Label option by following this guide.

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