How to Move the CleanTalk Service to Another Website


1. Enter to your CleanTalk Dashboard.

2. Click "Settings" under the name of the website you want to change:

website settings Anti-Spam Dashboard


3. Make new changes:

  • Edit the field "Site URL" with the new address of your website.
  • Edit the field "Service name (optional)" if there is any.
  • Choose your preferred language in the drop-down menu "API response language" (by default it's English).
  • Choose the behavior of the Anti-Spam plugin with the drop-down menu "SPAM comment action" (by default it's "Move to Spam folder").
  • Enable or disable other option below on the page.

website settings edit fields change options

website settings edit fields change options


4. Click the button "Save" and then click the link "Go to Dashboard" under the button.

5. Go to your website backend, check that your Access key is correct and save the plugin settings. Done!



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