Is CleanTalk Better than Akismet?


Let's take a look at the сomparison table between WordPress plugins:




Form protection

All web forms:

  • comments
  • registrations
  • contact
  • orders forms
  • Any others
  • Comments
  • Contact Forms


From 7 to 45 day rejected or approved logs with details:

  • IPs
  • Emails
  • Countries
  • Nicknames
  • Rejection/approve reason
  • URL with query
  • And many others


Only Statistics or Advanced Statistics

No details

Check existing users for spam


Only API


Unique feature that stops spam bots before they access (read) your websites.

In this way your hosting server works faster and it's better for website's SEO results!

 SpamFireWall? What is SpamFireWall?


$8.00 for a year!

Tech support answers you within one hour.

Starts from $99.96/year up to $2 499.96/year for Enterprise Plus!

Free for non commercial use* (up to 60,000 monthly checks for nonprofit organizations)

Compatibility with other CMS

Has plugin for every popular CMS

If you have site+forum You can use CleanTalk on both of them!

Official plugin Only for WordPress

Third-party libraries or APIs

Limitation for queries

Unlimited spam checks

Personal(for non-commercial*): unlimited
Plus: 10K to 40K API calls/mo
Enterprise: 60K API calls/mo
Enterprise Plus: Custom API limit

Personal blacklists/Stop words check/Country blacklists




*Parameters by which you can determine that your site is non-commercial
If your site has advertising or affiliate links, sells products or services, solicits donations or sponsorships, or is in any way related to a business or educational organization — your site is considered commercial.

Akismet is definitely better if You don't have $0.66 per month, You have a small blog on WordPress without followers.

I have already chosen CleanTalk.

Make your choice!



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