CleanTalk Cookies and Their Description


Here you can find the list of the cookies that CleanTalk plugins use and short descriptions of these cookies.


WordPress Anti-Spam cookies:

  • apbct_cookies_test – –°ookie to validate other cookies, so they can’t be spoofed.
  • apbct_* – Group of cookies which are set from backend and contain information about the current user.
  • ct_* – Group of cookies used for storing dynamic variables from browser.
  • ct_sfw_* – Group of cookies used for our SpamFireWall technology.


WordPress Security cookies:

  • spbc_cookies_test – Cookie to test cookies so we know that everything working properly.
  • spbc_firewall_pass_key – The flag defines if the Security Firewall was passed.
  • spbc_is_logged_in – Dashboard. Flag defines if a user was logged in.
  • spbc_2fa_passed – Dashboard. Flag defines if Two-Factor Authentication was passed.
  • spbc_timer – Dashboard. Time spent on the page.
  • spbc_log_id – Dashboard. User identification.



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