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What are the hosting requirements to install the plugin/module CleanTalk on my site?

On the hosting service, there must be installed PHP 5, and outbound requests to the Internet on port TCP/80 must be allowed.


Should I change anything in the plugin's settings or in my CleanTalk Control Panel when I switch HTTP to HTTPS or vice versa?

No. You don't need to change anything in the plugin's settings or in your CleanTalk Control Panel. The plugin will work regardless of the protocol.


Is it paid?

Yes, the service is paid, please see the price. You have 7 days trial to test the anti-spam on your website.


I want to connect two resources to the service. Do I have to register two accounts, or I can use the same key?

Both sites can be connected to one account, with a separate Access key for each web-site.


My website status is "Waiting for first comment, registration or contact"!

Usually, it takes 10-15 minutes to change the website status after plugin setup. Please use email stop_email@example.com at comment, registration or contact form to test the plugin and force status change.


How do IP/Email blacklists work?

CleanTalk Modules and Plugins use common blacklisting services, these lists are created automatically, based on analysis of spam activity of any IP, Email address.

For example, if the server approved the registration of a user, and then the administrator deleted the account, we know this through the feedback forum (module sends information to our servers on manual moderation processed by the service registrations/posts). This is written to the database. When three and more negative feedbacks (Account removal or message) from such an IP/Email are received, the IP / Email is automatically added it to the black list.

Conversely, if the message is prohibited by Automoderator but then approved in the manual moderation, this positive feedback will be recorded in the database and the record will be removed from the blacklist. More than 1,200 sites are connected to the service, so based on this algorithm, spammers are usually recorded in the blacklist for 1-2 hours.


After the installation, I noticed in the statistics that the number of spam attacks has been increased

There are a few reasons for this:

  • With the indexing of your website by the search systems, the appearance of external links and better search results position, your website attracts more and more spambots.
  • Non-transparent protection systems that don't have spam attacks statistics, like CAPTCHA or question/answer, don't let you see the whole picture or the picture is incomplete.
  • Counting methods for spam attacks and spambots are different for different systems, which explains the diversity. We seek to provide detailed statistics.


How do I can test the anti-spam on the website?

To do the test use email stop_email@example.com. Comment/feedback/signup with this email address should not be allowed on the website.


How do I report a missed spam bot or incorrect filter?

If you think the service has missed a spam bot or improperly filtered visitor to the website, you may notify us via the Anti-spam Control Panel. To do this,

  1. Log in to Control Panel https://cleantalk.org/my.
  2. Click the line "Settings" under the name of your website.

 CleanTalk Anti-Spam website settings

  1. Click the link "Logs" on the left of the page.

Anti-Spam webite's log

      4. Click on the "SPAM/Not SPAM" for the appropriate registration or comment on the website.

CleanTalk Anti-Spam feedback

When you mark a record as "SPAM", its e-mail and IP-address will be added to your personal blacklist for your website.

When you mark a record as "Not SPAM", its e-mail and IP-address will be added to your personal white list for your website.


We will resolve the issue within a few days of receiving the report or contact you for further details.


My website status is "Not connected"!

It takes 1-5 minutes to move the website to "Active". If it takes longer, please use email stop_email@example.com at comment/signup form. Or contact the technical support https://cleantalk.org/my/support/open

Please, look at our guide if you need help with testing of Anti-Spam protection.




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