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How to Install WordPress Security & Malware Scan by CleanTalk

1. In the WordPress Admin Dashboard go to the Plugins section and press the Add New button.

Add new plugin


2. Find the Security & Malware Scan by CleanTalk plugin by typing the "cleantalk" → Press the Install Now button near the plugin's name.

Installation of the CleanTalk Security Plugin


3. Once the plugin is installed, press the Activate button on the same page.


In the Plugins section find the installed plugin Security by CleanTalk and press the Activate button under the plugin's name.

Activation of the CleanTalk Security plugin


4. Go to Settings → Security by CleanTalk.


In the Plugins section find the installed plugin Security by CleanTalk and press the Settings button under the plugin's name.

The CleanTalk WordPress Security plugin settings


Go to the General Settings tab → Copy the access key from your CleanTalk Security Dashboard and paste it into the Access key field → Set up the plugin if necessary, and press the Save Changes button.

Enteting the access key


How to test Security FireWall

Add this string "/?spbct_test=MD5-OF-YOUR-ACCESS-KEY&spbct_test_ip=" to your website address. You have to modify it for your access key.


  1. Your access key is 1234.
  2. Calculate the MD5 hash of your key here:
  3. It would be 81dc9bdb52d04dc20036dbd8313ed055 for the "1234" key.
  4. Now modify the link to the security block screen. It will look like this:

The same thing could be done in your CleanTalk Dashboard:

  1. Go to your Security Dashboard: /my?cp_mode=security
  2. Click the link "Settings" under the name of your website.
  3. Then click the link "Testing Security FireWall".

CleanTalk Security Dashboard Website Settings Test Block Screen Firewall


How to Add Website to CleanTalk Security Dashboard

Please follow this guide to add a website to the CleanTalk Security Dashboard: /help/add-website


Congratulations. The CleanTalk Security Plugin is installed!

Please go to your Dashboard to see the security status, add new websites, or manage existing ones!
Please check your e-mail to get the account password.


Learn more about Firewall for WordPress  or Create an account

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