Setting Up a Blacklist in the SpamFireWall Option


What does the response *** Forbidden. Your IP belongs to a high spam risk network. Please, try again without VPN. *** mean?


The SpamFireWall option has its own lists so you can control who can access your website and who can not.

Any spambot will be seeing a block screen by CleanTalk while a real visitor will be redirected to your website within 3 seconds.

SpamFireWall has an additional feature to filter bots by user agent. The feature uses SpamFirewal lists with User-Agent filter type.

You can read more about Anti-Crawler here: 
How to manage your Private list by User-Agent:


1. First of all, go to your Anti-Spam Dashboard and click the menu "Tools" then select "Personal Lists".

The direct link is here:

Control Panel Tools Personal Lists


2. After that go to the "SpamFireWall" tab.

Personal Lists SpamFireWall SFW


3. Now press the button "Add New Filter" or "Import CSV" to start adding your IPs you want to blacklist or whitelist.

Then select what websites your list will be applied to and press the button "Blacklist" or "Whitelist".

SFW SpamFireWall blacklist whitelist filters IPs


You can also add subnets to your list. They look like IPs with masks.



*Please note that White Lists feature is available in plugins released after 06/01/2020.


4. The same could be done to countries. Change the type of filter to "Country". Then select what countries should be blocked.

Use other drop-down menus to set up the filter and press the button "Add".

SFW SpamFireWall blacklist whitelist filters countries


5. The result table will contain everything you added. If you want you can download the table as a file in the CSV format.

SFW SpamFireWall table export CSV

Take a closer look at the column "7 Days Hits". If anyone was trying to visit your website from the IP or country from your table you will see a number different than 0 and you can press it to see the details.

SpamFireWall personal lists hits column


6. Go to the Anti-Spam plugin settings in your website dashboard and press the "Synchronize with cloud" button


Synchronize with cloud


It is essential to changes take effect even if you haven't change the settings. If you don't do this, changes will take effect only in 24 hours.

We added a possibility to view logs for changes in your Personal lists. To open your ChangeLog window please use this link. You can read more here.



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